How to Get your Business on the First page of Google with MLSP Sites | 3 Minute Expert

How to Rank your Blog First Page on Google | 3 Minute Expert Review - Ray Higdon

How would you like to Get on first page of Google and have your friends share your content to their friends . well that's basically what happened to me using

I was able to build it in three days and was able to get over 450 shares and hit the first page of Google without paying on the keyword that I was targeting , which is kinda awesome. in whatever niche that you are in, this can be your results as well and

" I'll show you exactly what I did and what word press team that i used " and if you want to brand yourself in your niche this is one of the things that kinda works for me so let me get back to it now right away exactly what what I did 

Have you ever wonder How to get your Business on the First page of Google

Attraction Marketing System

I'm using MLSP-My Lead System Pro Sites and it's a very ,very easy to sat you get inside their marketing system ,you will click under the sites and this page will show .

My lead Systam Pro-sites getting Started
    1. whatever brand that you have if its weight loss if it's a real estate if it's Whatever business you are in anything that you wanted to brand what it's basically three easy steps once you log in ,
    2. log into sites in you will choose whatever domain name that you want to brand yourself with if it's your first and last name you can do that too , Create your name click Next which gave you to them
    3. Getting started a blog and start with very short videos that you wanna watch introducing you basically what what needs to be done . also if you never been blogging before it will give you all the training on all the plugins that you need to be trained on and the Word press Theme that you want to use you will get the training with short videos about how to set up your blog and your brand .
hit 1st page on google part 2 Set up your blog

what I'm using is Streamline Pro Theme .

 How to move up on Google search

when I started creating my blog on November 11 and basically I started promote to all social media and on the first day November 12 I had to two hundred views which was great and a November 15 about 339 views so basically in three days what's interesting about this I was going for one of the key words ( identity theft ) because that's the subject i'm passionate about and want to brand myself with I do have inside knowledge about identity theft, so whatever your niche whatever your are specialized in that's what you want to talk about     

RANK YOUR CONTENT on the 1st Page of Google for YOUR Most Profitable Keywords

By the way if you wanted to build your list this is a great platform for it I hope you know that your website that's the only thing that you own not Facebook not Twitter and so on , this website that you gonna be creating is yours completely yours and you know your list of data subscribers I do have a bunch of pop out come out it just encourage people to share the information maybe that's why i had so many shares

WORK WITH ME TAB actually goes in a different page where if they do want to work with me there's something about what I do and how somebody can get in contect and basically work with me and 1 on 1 POP ups will have some offers where your visitors they can subscribe or get some information whatever information you want to give em basically build your list . personally i don't take phone numbers right now but I'm just building there there are lots of different pop outs I do want to touch my nature its identity so that's what happened and you can I have a lot of us come up so I just encourages the visitor to enter the information to get more info about whatever I am offering . so

How to get to the Top of Google

let me show you the the post that I did that actually Rank on 1st page Google over 400 shares in three days this was one of the articles that I did send and the reason I got 454 shares on Facebook it's because one little trick and this is what's says .

1st page google in  3 days
Attraction Marketing System

Most people now days are on Facebook so that's the reason probably why have so much Facebook shares ,if you want you may be put in Google shares and see if it's going to be the same result ,and help you get first on google search

I relly didn't know that i hit 1st page on google until I call one of my business partners who helped me get the website going and give me a little bit analysis and she found out that I was the First Page of Google which is which is awesome .

How to Rank your Blog First Page on Google | 3 Minute Expert Review - Ray Higdon

RANK YOUR CONTENT on the 1st Page of Google for YOUR Most Profitable Keywords THE 7-FIGURE BLOG BLUEPRINT

PS: MLSP Sites are very very easy to set up  if you do want to get the training or even test drive it.

Angel Davitkov - 21st Century solutions

Continue Here and  get it started and yes, you might get some leads coming your way  or you just want to brand  yourself is the way to go ,so that's it for me .God bless and I'll talk to you soon ,Happy Bloging .

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