Attraction Marketing and How to Use Attraction Marketing Right

What is Atrection Marceting

What is Atrection Marceting

How to Use Attraction Marketing Right!

I started out as a network marketer 15 years ago who did not use attraction marketing. I used traditional methods of marketing on and offline, including:

– Hounding friends and family
– Paying for leads
– Using PPC advertising that linked directly through to my company web site
– Linked to my company web site from forums/discussion groups
– Paid for traditional advertising in print magazines
– Paid for banner ads on targeted site online.

First off, let me tell you, if you are using ANY of the above mentioned methods to market YOUR Network Marketing Business, STOP RIGHT NOW!

Attraction marketing c

Ahhh…pheww. I’m so glad I saved you countless more hours of wasted time and money marketing the OLD way

It just doesn’t work anymore (did it ever?)

Enter the new way of marketing online, the way only select few people have really begun to apply in their businesses. It’s called ATTRACTION MARKETING. A method of marketing that literally attracts people to you, because they appreciate YOU!

Sound good? You bet it is.

Here is Attraction marketing definition : Attraction marketing is doing certain things so that people come to YOU versus you seeking them out.

With this Attraction marketing blueprint, there is no reason to be anyone you’re not. You can present your true self – including your interests, skills and desires, and guess what? There are thousands of people online each and every day who will love to do business with you!

OK, let’s get to the Attraction Marketing Formula and do’s and don’ts of Attraction Marketing – the real purpose of this article:

Here are some DO’s

 Arttraction Marketing blueprint– share a photo of yourself
– include your story (briefly! and only for the sake of showing people who you are and how you can help them)
– keep your presentation with everything you do online professional and clean
– become the leader you NEED to be to attract people to you…and then show your leadership qualities
– provide VALUE to people with whatever you do online….
– have an attitude of abundance
– show your prospects sites that do the selling for you, so you can focus on building relationships with people.

How that you have Attraction Marketing Secrets

Here are some DON’T’S

– SPAM anyone. For goodness sakes, nobody in their right mind likes this, so if you’re shoving your products down anyone’s throat on or offline, QUIT IT NOW!
– have flashy, gauwdy web sites with flashing buttons and cheesy backgrounds – simple is best. Keep the focus on YOU as the star, not your gimmicks
– post anything online for the sole purpose of getting people to click on your links – it’s too obvious.
– ramble on too long. Always consider WIIFM (what’s in it for me).

And finally, start applying Attraction Marketing right away into your business. Learn everything you can and get started, because soon, you will be the honey thousands of bees are swarming- no kidding!

Attraction Marketing Secrets

How to Use Attraction Marketing in any Business

Marketing lead generation process should make you and your company look good. Attraction marketing lead system specifically focuses on advertising confidence and abundant productivity. If you focus on these two traits when pushing a marketing campaign you will not only see positive feedback, but you will attract other motivated individuals to your cause.

5 Personal Branding Tips for Attraction Marketing Strategies …

Attraction Marketing FormulaPeople are attracted to both confidence and productivity. If your marketing campaigns display confidence others will want to get involved with what you are doing. And these are the type of people you want working for you; motivated, hard working, goal oriented individuals. These are the people that will help you take your business to the next level. These people will also be pulled in by abundant productivity and the promise of a successful future.

Not only should you focus on attracting these people to your company, you also need to take a close look at their talents and skills. It doesn’t help you much to have a group of motivated and talented people working for you if they all have the same talents. If everyone is great at talking to clients but no one can create new products, this is a problem. You want to attract varied talent. People that can market, create, organize and lead.


Attraction marketing lead systemNetworking is extremely important in building your business, and what better way to build your business than by networking with other people who are as motivated and confident as you are. However, don’t focus entirely on confidence when marketing to the detriment of the product and/or service you are trying to sell.

Confidence in your product and the strength of the product itself should always be at the center of any marketing plan. If you do this you can expect to attract the type of people you want working for you, and successfully push your business forward toward an exciting future.

Remember, marketing should be about attracting people to your business. Whether it be to purchase your product, tell others about your great service, or work for you, if you follow the above recommendations the results will exceed your expectations.


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